Swimming Pool Design to Suit Your Garden

When we think of a swimming pool we tend to think of pools that are just big oblongs for swimming back and forth in. We might imagine a pool in our garden as an Olympic pool just a lot smaller. While this would of course be perfectly pleasant and nice for relaxing in, it would also be relatively ‘standard’ and lack the interesting design options that are available if you look around a bit more at your options. Here we will look at what those options are and what some of the more interesting features and designs are that you can get for your home pool.

Natural Pools

One thing that many homes use is a natural looking pool design. These pools are designed to look less like Olympic swimming baths and a lot more like natural rock pool formations features small jagged shapes that look like ponds you might stumble upon naturally. These are great for smaller gardens and for those that have a slightly more natural and outdoorsy design.

Infinity Pools

One great feature you can get for your garden pool is known as an ‘infinity pool’. Here you don’t have the usual low wall around your pool holding the water in – rather the water level is the exact same as the height of the wall so that you can’t see it. The water then flows naturally over the edge and this catches the overflow in a slight rim like design.

The brilliance of the infinity pool is that when you’re in it, it feels as though you can see for miles. This gives it a great vibe and ensures that you feel almost as though you are swimming in the ocean. If you have a great view then this is a good way to make the most of it.

Water Falls: Why not get a water fall for your garden pool to swim under and for kids to play in. This is a great way to add a sense of movement and power to your garden as well as the relaxing sound made by crashing water.

Sloping Beach Entry: A sloping beach entry is a slope on one side of the pool where you might normally have a wall and a ladder. This allows you to wade into the water to swim in it meaning that leaping into the potentially cold water isn’t the only way to get in. This is also ideal for relaxing with your feet dangling in the water as it laps against them – a very relaxing feature.

Classic Pools: These pools are often designed to mimic the Greek and Roman baths that were the precursors to swimming pools. It’s a great look for making your garden look majestic and palatial.